Friday, February 8, 2013

Days 18-19 - New recipe, another Migraine and I'm DONE.

Days 18 and 19...big changes.

But first....

I did make a yummy recipe last night that is another one of my old WW recipes.

Monterey Chicken

Serves: 4

WWP: 6

4 (5 oz.) Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
1/4 Cup Barbecue Sauce
1/4 Cup Hormel Real Bacon Bits
1 Cup 2% Colby and Monterey Jack Shredded Cheese*
1 (14 oz.) Can Diced Tomatoes with Green Chilies, drained (optional)
Or 1 medium chopped tomato (optional) I do this option
Sliced Green Onions (optional) I do not add
Salt & Pepper

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
Pound out the chicken breasts to flatten.

Season each with a little salt & pepper.
Cook the chicken in a skillet sprayed with non-stick cooking spray over medium-low heat until no longer pink.(or in oven on about 350 for 20 minutes)
Place each breast onto a baking sheet and top each breast with 1 tablespoon of barbeque sauce, 1/4 cup cheese, 1/4 cup tomatoes, green onions and 1 tablespoon of bacon bits. (I add the bacon FIRST when layering- it stays put better!)
Place into the oven and bake until the cheese has melted (about 5 minutes).

Per Serving: 263 Calories; 8g Fat (29.0% calories from fat); 39g Protein; 6g Carbohydrate; 1g Dietary Fiber; 108mg Cholesterol; 840mg Sodium. Exchanges: 4 1/2 Lean Meat; 0 Other Carbohydrates.
I served dinner with a litle brown rice, roasted green beans and mushrooms (tossed with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar and roasted) and some grapes (for my girls)!


But here is the deal. Day 19 and I got another migraine. That makes 2 in 8 days. I've had like ONE migraine in my entire life before these two. And this one was rather scary for me.

According to reearch I did this morning about migraines. What happened to me is what I highlighted in red:

Phase Two: Aura
Approximately 15 to 20% of individuals with migraines experience an aura, or visual distortions, preceding the headache. Some people only experience the aura phase, which is a phenomenon called a "silent migraine." The aura phase usually begins minutes or hours before the onset of headache pain. Visual symptoms during aura can include:
  • Blurred vision
  • Appearance of floaters (tiny specks that float before the eyes)
  • Flashes of light or color, or blurry vision
  • A blind spot or even complete blindness in one eye
Additional symptoms of the aura phase can include:
  • Numbness or tingling of the hands, feet, and/or face (particularly around the mouth)
  • Stiff neck
  • Weakness
  • Vertigo or Dizziness
  • Loss of balance
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Double vision
  • Difficulty talking
  • Slow thinking or confusion
  • Problems with concentration
  • Changes in mood and activity level
Because some of these symptoms can also occur with other conditions, such as a detached retina or stroke, individuals suffering any of these symptoms for the first time should check with their healthcare provider to ensure that their symptoms are the result of a migraine episode.

Phase Three: Headache
This is the phase most commonly associated with migraines. The headache of a migraine is a one-sided, throbbing or pounding pain. It causes between 4 to 72 hours of moderate to severe pain (mine lasted about 8 hours before I finally just went to bed!) A headaches that last longer than 72 hours are called s"tatus migrainosus", and require immediate medical attention.The headache is the most disruptive of the phases. To avoid increasing the severity of headache, individuals who have reached this phase usually stop all activity and lie down in a quiet, darkened room, avoiding all stimulation. In addition to the pulsing head pain, the headache is normally associated with a number of other unsavory symptoms, including:
  • Extreme sensitivity to light (photophobia), sound (phonophobia) and smell
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Increased pain with physical activity (such as walking or going up or down stairs)

So....with two of these beauties happening to me just since I started the 2nd part of the Challenge, I can't help but wonder???  Yesterday's incident was enough to scare me straight. It honestly felt like the time I had a concussion. Blurry & double vision and weird light flashes in my right eye. I couldn't form words or sentences. I couldn't hold a conversation because I couldn't think or talk. It was strange and scary. Now- I have NO idea if migraines are a side effect of Advocare MNS. NONE - I haven't done that research yet, but as for me and my body - something is going on and the only new thing introduced to it in the last few weeks in the MNS.

So, I'm done.
I'm not going to finish the 24 Day Challenge. In all honesty, I'm kinda scared TO finish it.

In 19 complete days:

Total weight lost = 4 lbs
Total inches lost = 1.7 inches TOTAL

The 24-Day challenge was not successful for me. That doesn't mean it won't be for successful for someone else. If you are considering the Challenge, I urge you to do a little bit of research about the products BEFORE you start. I did not. I wanted to go in blind without any preconception or a biased attitute of how it might or might not work. Hindsight being what it is, I wish I'd done some research on what was in the supplements (or I wish I had just known the AMOUNT of supplements I'd be taking each day). I feel like I let my Advocare gal down. I tried, I really did. I just have to listen to my body. 

I feel somewhat liberated this morning by not having to take the 7 supplements I would have already taken by this time of day (and the 4 more to come!).

I am starting Weight Watchers soon. I really would like like to lose 10-15 lbs. That is it. I'm never going to be super skinny again. Its just not happening. Oh sure, I could lose 30 lbs by mid-summer, but if I were being honest with myself, I know I can't maintain that. I can probably maintain a 10-15 lbs loss. And I'm never going to be a exercise queen. Its just not going to happen.

I am not going to be blogging anymore about my Advocare journey. I am either going to change the name or possibly starting a new one with just healthy recipes and stuff. Hubby is going to start the Insanity Workout soon, too, and that diet is VERY similar to the Advocare diet, minus the supplements, but with the increased protein (which will be different than what I'm going to be doing - this should be interesting!!). Well, all I can do is keep providing healthy dinners on the table and having healthy choices in the pantry and frig. 

Here we go again....


  1. Hi Katie-
    I found your blog through Pinterest. Just a thought on the challenge...are you sensitive to caffeine? I never thought I was. I can drink a coke or coffee before bed and fall right to sleep. However, when I was doing phase 2, I was taking the MNS Max C which has more caffeine in it than the Max 3. If you are taking Max C or Max E, you might talk to your AdvoCare distributor and see if she has any Max 3 packs she could switch out with you. I am not an expert on supplements, but I know that was a problem for me. I didn't get headaches, but I did feel weird and had problems falling asleep at night. Once I switched to Max 3, I was fine. You're almost done with your challenge, so if you don't want to chance it with switching vitamins, just drop the MNS packs and keep up the rest of it. You should still see good results. Hope this helps!

  2. Hi Katie,

    I am just completing the cleanse phase of the advocare plan. So far, things have been alright for me. I suffer from "silent" migraines. They started a year and a half ago after a sleepness night studying for a mid-term. When I arrived home at the end of the day, i could not read, could not talk, i experienced numbness, and I had difficulty understanding. I went through numerous tests and scans and it was determined that the only explanation is a "complicated migraine w/o headache w/ aura". I have one of these migraines every couple of months, mostly when I am under extreme stress. Last year, I was also dieting, and I had the same migraine, except I had the severe pain with it. I am convinced that I was somewhat "over hydrated" and had flushed the potassium and magnesium out of my body. Once I began taking those supplements, they stopped. I hope that you haven't had this experience any more and I really hope the challenge doesn't trigger any episodes for me.

    Good luck!

  3. Oh my goodness - I swear I think I could have written this myself! I am a program follower - I can stick to just about every rule, menu and plan - so I knew I was doing everything right and keeping hydrated! The Cleanse phase went perfect for me..then... I started Phase 2 last Wednesday...Thursday after lunch (and the product) a headache, weakness and nausea started. On Friday I couldn't get up and go to work - no matter what I took my head would not ease up. I wanted to "keep going' so I did the morning & lunch routine in between sleeping and resting my headache. Come Friday night I was so nauseous I didn't eat. Saturday, still sick...I did the routine - still not putting the pieces together..left the bed long enough to get to the couch where I stayed all day and night. Sunday (yesterday) - did the morning routine - was too sick with a headache and nausea to eat lunch - take the lunch products or eat dinner. This morning - nausea is gone, headache is better and I did not do any of the Advocare routine... this afternoon I am feeling so much better! When I woke this morning it hit me that Advocare Phase 2 is the only thing I have put into my body that was different. I'm not going back on it.

    1. Renee- I'm sorry to hear that you experienced what I did. Its been almost a year now since this happened to me. Since that time, I did lose the 15 pounds I wanted to lose via Weight Watchers and no more horrible supplements. I don't even take a multi-vitamin. So glad I listened to my body and quit that horrible "diet." I hope you find something that works for you. Here is the link to my other blog I started right after this one. I haven't updated in a long time, but it still has some EASY and good recipes and ideas if you are interested:

  4. A friend of mine is 32 years old and just had a stroke. She's a distributor of Advocare and had lost a ton of weight using it. I'm wondering if this product is to blame. 32 is pretty young for a stroke. After some research, I'm seeing some issues. Although, distributors tell me it's all just vitamins and that there's no way it could be the culprit.

  5. A friend of mine is 32 years old and just had a stroke. She's a distributor of Advocare and had lost a ton of weight using it. I'm wondering if this product is to blame. 32 is pretty young for a stroke. After some research, I'm seeing some issues. Although, distributors tell me it's all just vitamins and that there's no way it could be the culprit.